Sunday, January 01, 2012

Journalling is Good

I was reading some of my journal posts from 2010 and 2011, and it surprised me how much I enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I would journal daily (part of managing my illness). The stuff I'd write was quite mundane for most part. Just everyday happenings, feelings, thoughts. A typical entry would read something like this:

"Sat 16 Oct 2011. Urine Protein -ve, Hydrocortisone 1/8 pill. Slept 12-8 (8h). Woke tired, feel tired. Went for Popo's bday makan at Noble House, Jalan Delima, Imbi. Good food. Then to Popo's for cake cutting & video. Kung Kung got drunk and started worrying everyone. Went Tesco with Koo Koo & Yoon. Car stuck at pasar malam, so left late. Dinner was satay, nangka with Yoon, Stan, Nigel, Koo Koo, Melvin, Vic, at Popo's. Helped Pa & Ma make sandwich for church..."

A whole journal of this would probably bore you senseless huh!

I realized that I had stopped journalling soon after starting work in FRIM, so had only patchy posts for 2011. And I wish I hadn't stopped. I did blog some in 2011, for big events, but it was the little day to day stuff that I missed. That's the kinda detail that transports me back to that place in time and evokes what I felt and thought then. I'm not super sentimental, but I do like to reminisce every once in a while!

So this year I'm going to try my darnedest to journal daily.

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