Monday, January 23, 2012

Kung Kung's is 83!

Sat, 21 Jan. Kung Kung's 83rd birthday marked the start of the clan's Glutton Fest. I'd slept 4 am that day, making pineapple tarts. Fortunately the bike ride to Fraser's Hill was called off, thus I could relax at home until 4 pm. Cake cutting was at Popo's at 5 pm. A. Josie made a corn custard cake - tastes a lot better than it sounds :). Then dinner at KK Restaurant, which was okay but made me thirsty for the rest of the night. After dinner we went back to the house and hung around there. Also made a trip to the pasar malam outside the house and got coconut water, nangka, tau foo fah, etc.

Sun, 21 Jan. I can't believe I actually woke at 12 pm. I dreamt that I woke up at 10.15 am, and was rushing about getting ready for church and went to church down the road. My dream stopped there, maybe because I haven't actually been to that church and therefore couldn't dream up how it looks from the inside. I made my way to Ma's and had my packed lunch there, then Faith and I started making wontons. We brought the wontons to Popos to fry. Unfortunately, they weren't so crispy 2 hours later when dinner was served. This CNY 'reunion' dinner was a quiet affair, because all the married women were away at their in-law's houses for their reunion dinners. So that left Ken, Melissa, Melvin, Vic, myself, Pa, Ma, A. Jenny, U. William, Justin, Faith, Popo & Kung kung & U. Jon. When I got back home, I started stuffing ang pow packets. Glad I kept an excel sheet record of last year's amounts. Cuz I would have grossly over given otherwise. Since I have less than RM500 in the bank, I don't have much to give away. Oh ya, found out Justin and Jin Vi broke up. *sigh*

Mon, 22 Jan. CNY Day 1! Sleeping at 2 am or later every night is not good. (It's now 1.30 am yikes). I woke 10 am, and had to start getting ready to go Popo's right away. Wore last year's red blouse. Packed the 2.5kg and 1.5kg weights, and workout clothes also since would be spending the whole day at Cheras. I really enjoyed and cherished the exchange of ang pow packets. It was all very festive. We tucked into a feast. Usually it's 'vegetarian' on the first day of the new year, but Popo has since stopped following this tradition heeh. We had lam yue pai kuat (pork ribs), chai choy (mix vege). A. Jenny made brown rice salad and chicken sambal sauce. I cried watching 'Girl goes Disney' on Youtube. I just felt very emotional because I know I won't be here next Chinese New Year and I'm missing everyone already. Thanks Melvin. We spent some Facetime with Jess, A. Gin, Ali, Mel and Zach. Then we went home to nap (I did a workout). Dinner was at the very expensive Marco Polo Restaurant and Wisma Lim Foo Yong. Nicky gave Justin and I lotsa tips on how to gain weight (eggs, milk, peanut butter). When I got back home, I dragged the pseudotrainer back into the room and put in 30 minutes. I'm looking forward to getting more cardio and leg work in. Not being able to run is making me feel strangely deprived, maybe even depraved haha. I think I can cycle lots without aggravating this plantar fasciitis.

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