Monday, January 02, 2012

Listen to your body

Slept 11.30 pm till 9.30 am, a solid 10 hr, but felt tired upon waking. Urine protein looked slightly 'trace'. I'm going to have to stick to my usual diet. Could have been the cookies I ate yesterday and the other carbs also.

I had this strange dream that I was having the darnedest time finding a swim suit that would fit me, and was rummaging futilely through a bin full of mismatched clothes. In another dream, I was in this huge 'The Dusun'-like estate, trying to figure out where the workers might be getting all those rambutans and huge papayas. One of the workers touched me and I complained to the boss, who then proceeded to write me out a check for RM109,000 to compensate. But I said I didn't want that money?! (Dreams sometimes don't make sense huh). And he then tried to propose to me, but I told him I am married. :)

Got in a decent bit of work today. Feels good to be in the groove. Even though I'm probably not going to be paid for it - haven't gotten my offer letter yet (apparently it's in the works). I'm prepping myself to enter the 'real' world this year, i.e., 8 to 5 hours. Instead of the flexi 'put in 8 hours' arrangement that has helped me recover from illness while allowing me to continue being productive. I am eternally indebted to FRIM for accommodating for my health condition.

Obediently did my P90X workout, which was awesome (Plyometrics), had three soft boiled eggs, then directly to the pool for a hour (1.1 km covered). My Timex Global Trainer with GPS doesn't seem to work so good mapping swim distances '3.7 km' ?!

Had some durian for dessert, hope it's not gonna hurt me. Am on track for a 10 pm bedtime. See you tomorrow!

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