Sunday, May 23, 2004

Retail Therapy

Ah....*contented sigh*....

The therapeutic and healing effects of spending lots of hard-earned money (mine and Spencer's)...

I had to keep reminding myself that I should spend whatever I needed to, on stuff that I felt would help me get better. Something that's hard to do, since I am such a cheapskate.

Not anymore. No more stingy gracie.

I hit the health and care dept first and bought RM200 of ginseng, chlorella, spirulina, organic powdered cows milk and hair conditioner.

I got the hair conditioner mainly to make up that magic number (RM200). ;)

No, it's because Spencer seems quite attached to my long hair (he loves it more than I do!) so I figured I best put some conditioner on it. You know, prep it for all the caveman action later - hair tugging, draggin me around by my hair, and such)... just kidding heh.

From there I proceeded to the supermarket section where I loaded up on organic lettuces and fruit, including strawberries, bananas, persimmons, lemons, starfruit. And more olive oil, since I'm drowning my salads in that stuff nowadays. Spencer threatened to post me the olive oil if I don't buy it myself, and I am doing this under duress, because it's just a bl@@dy waste of money to send a 2kg bottle of 1 liter olive oil halfway across the world!

Ah, and I bought sesame seeds, soybeans to make soymilk, organic fruit muesli that should go good with that organic cow's milk for brekkie.

And a couple more of those low-cholesterol health eggs.


Once again I wonder what they submitted the chickens to to make them lay those low-cholesterol eggs. Make them cluck mantras and yoga exercises in their cages or something? Probably they just zapped them with high-dose X-rays and mutated the chickens to lay em low-cholesterol eggs.


That elated feeling is not going to wear off anytime soon. Retail therapy is good for me. And I eat all of it, so it's not wasted. And, it's good for me.

By the way, total damage = RM300.


Relax... breathe.. retail therapy is good for grace ...


Thinking happy thoughts....

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