Monday, January 02, 2012

Last day of leave

The morning run with Su & possible hike with Aunt Chris, Uncle Anthony & his sister didn't materialize.

Since I was already doused with Mosiguard and sunblock, I decided to go myself. In fact, I decided to ride Kermit, starting from the Bukit Idaman 'secret entrance'. But first I had to prep Kermit. It was a good ride, my first in FRIM. I rode out and rewarded myself with a bowl of ching tong mai fun hor fun (clear soup rice noodles). Then I rode back, total 10 km.

Been feeling tired, I think after effects of yesterday's over-indulgence (Jun Kee deep fried dinner followed by durian). Some twinges in my finger joints too....

Rinsed off the bike and FB'd for a bit, then back out to the trailhead to say hi to Su and her dogs, Dolly and Parton. Su handed me a whole bag of mangosteens, rambutans and pulasan! Then she went off for her run. She told me later that she had tried to take the dogs up the Rover Track to the Canopy, but was stopped by what may have been FRIM staff. Since dogs aren't allowed in FRIM, and outsiders entering FRIM are checked at the main gate, those folks were curious as to how she managed to bring her dogs in. She said she got lost and would find her own way back. So I think it will be a matter of time before the 'secret entrance' is fenced up again. Oh well.

Got through today's P90X workout, and ate a HUGE chicken salad for dinner. Then used up my free time 7-10 pm blogging. It's already nearly 11 pm, and I should be in bed by 10 pm. Aiyo. Tomorrow is the first day of work. I haven't received the contract offer letter yet, but I'll just start work. Off me goes to bed!

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