Saturday, July 21, 2012

Linkwithin ROCKS!

Now that I'm looking into sprucing up my blogs (and gosh do I have blogs! Check out my About page and tell me I don't have a too-many-blogs problem), I thought it would be good to add 'You may also like' widgets to them. You know, when you get to the end of a great article, you sometimes see other featured posts that make you continue reading more of what the blogger has to offer. That apparently reduces 'bounce rate'. Please don't ask me what 'bounce rate' is. I have no idea.

A quick search for such a widget turned up a free one, and in this case freebies can be goodies! The search also turned up a lot of other complicated ways to add HTML code to your website and I thought to myself, there HAS to be an easier way. This is Linkwithin. No sign ups, no ads, simple and it looks great!

Now please excuse me while I get Linkwithin on all my blogs. :)

Say hi to Princess, my Gram's pooch.  :)

xo Grace

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