Thursday, January 05, 2012

Busy Day and Mullet Dreams

First off, I am sorry to report that it is 1 am and I am still not in bed!

For this I blame: 1) a very busy day and, 2) my Mullet Dream.

I got through 15 minutes of Yoga X then escaped the apartment, which is being painted and currently stinks. Shopped for 2.5 hours at Jusco and got me a Philips Epilator (RM100), and a bunch of supplements Vitamin C, CoQ10, Selenium - listed on the Packer Antioxidant list (RM300 *gulp*). Picked up my and Ma's MPIB race kit from Wisma OCM. Gave a tourist family a lift to Chinatown (yes, quite random hoh). Got through another 30 minutes of Yoga X. Tried out the Epilator on myself and Faith (guinea pig haha). Faith screamed a lot. Me? Hardly felt it. :p Went for Total Immersion Swim class. This time I lasted 1 hr 15 minutes in the freezing water (usually it's under an hour). I'm feeling good about my breathing but often forget high elbow and left arm form. And I think I'm finally getting some power in my kick. I am definitely not bending my knee like I'm going to run or bike, which is a bad habit. What can I say, muscle memory of these legs from all that running and biking carries over to the pool. Got done with swim at 10.30 pm, and had to find something to eat - hot rice porridge with plenty of fish and pork. Hit the spot.

Okay, my Mullet Dream. I suddenly remembered one of my dreams from last night. I dreamt I had a Messy Mullet. It was unkempt, tangled, and generally nasty looking. Once I realised how horrible it looked (in my dream), I finger combed it and tried to shape it. So prior to writing this post, I was busy hunting down virtual mullets that I could overlay on my photo. No luck. If you find one, please do alert me of it.

I had fun with the Elle Virtual Makeover though. And here I leave you with my favorite hairstyles. What's yours? :)

Never had a perm before. Should I?

I used to have a fringe. 

I had a bob like this once too. Believe it or not, I cut it myself.
It was a bad bob :p

Kept this style for quite a while.

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