Friday, January 13, 2012

Bake, Core, Swim

That sums up what I accomplished today. :)

I made some delectable buttery pineapple tarts today. Spent 4 hours making those 70 lil parcelled treats. I figure if I ever sell them, it would be for 80 sen a piece. Just sayin. That would work out to an hourly wage of RM15. :p

Got started on Core Synergistics and made it half way before I had to leave for swim class. The long drive (Friday evening traffic) gave me plenty of time to think. I think... I need to be able to do the Crane yoga pose by the end of the year. And also, a hand stand. (Guess I wasn't thinking all that much).

The Total Immersion swim class was so much better after I had watched the two videos that came with Level 2 ('O2 in H20' and 'Easy Freestyle'). Even though I hadn't swum all week, it felt like I had significantly improved, just by thinking through the moves. I've got the two beat kick and am not bending my knees anymore. And with the 'broken arm' progressing well, I'm feeling inspired enough to put out another Total Immersion blog post now.

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