Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Body Pampering Day - No Go

This was supposed to be a day for indulging my body that recently underwent severe trauma at the MPIR 12 km run. I made an appointment with Equal Fitness Sports Massage for 2 pm, and just because I would be in the area, also made appointment with I Beauty House for my third of five IPL sessions. (Damn you Groupon, I love you, but I hate you!).

As expected the IPL session was kinda lame, and I don't expect it will do much. The one at Beauty Avenue, Solaris Dutamas, was muuuuch better - could see results, almost permanent too.

Sad to say, I left Equal Fitness feeling cheated. It didn't feel at all like a sports massage, or any kind of massage. My first experience with Zuraidah was so wonderful, I thought EF was the best thing ever and couldn't wait to go back. Today Maria did me, and it was so lacklustre, I felt like she was just rubbing me all over... verrrry gently. I kept waiting for it to feel like a massage. She did the whole thing sitting down! I kid you not. Well, I found out later that she wasn't feeling well. Dearie, don't massage me if you're not feeling well! Haizzz. Next time, I'm just going to request Zu. Actually. I'm probably not going back.

Stopped by to see Nat and family, and gave some avocados. Baby Melissa is soooo adorable I salivated a lot hehe. Mikhail and Maira were also very sociable today, I enjoyed their attention ahah!! Dinner with Nadya was cancelled cuz she got sick. So I headed back and did P90X. And later stuffed myself with lots of dinner. And now, it's bed time!

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