Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wonderful 'Flowerpot' weekend and Back to Work!

Started off Saturday with an 8 km FRIM trail run with Simon Goh and Phoebe Lim. No more running after this.  Drove to PD, kayak safety escort for the Tadonamo bunch and friends then also did a 1 km swim accompanied by Pui San. Quick shower back at apartment (Marina Bay Condos), then dinner at Restaurant Kim. Back to the apartment and I got busy massaging lotsa sweaty, hard calves for 2 hrs till 11.30 pm. Slept very little and was tired upon waking at 6 am for the 7 am rollout.

Sunday: Support car for the cyclists. Thank god for Nyan who sat with me (could not ride cuz injured from falling yesterday) and kept me company. I was very tired. I put Nyan in charge of taking pics and vid. After the ride, went to Ma's and napped 2-3 hours. Then dinner at Popos (chicken soup).

Monday: Drove to HUKM for appt with Ortho Doc Linda, thanks to referral by Dr Rizna. Was given appointments at Bone Densiometry Lab, Physiotherapy, and Orthotics. My guarantee letter that gives free medical was expired, and the nurse tore it up. Uhoh. Now gotta pay? Lunch with Pa, Ma & Faith (chicken rice at Jun Kee). Then back to Kepong. I found out from Dr Laurence (email) that I was employed, pay backdated to Jan! What great news, but now I gotta work properly instead of at my leisure. Dinner with Alp, who poured his heartbreak out to me.

Tuesday: Worked on Ohba's paper. Richard dropped by for the X. I showed him the secret entrance to FRIM and he went for a 40 minute run. I resisted his persuasions for me to run. Slept 2 am, making love letters. (Not successful) and re-seasoning the moulds for another try tomorrow. Alp called - feeling conflicted about cycling in group with her.

Wednesday (today): Worked more on Ohba's paper. Did the video for the PD trip, and also the race report and sent to Syerol. Was informed by Dr Saw that my salary under SBPA will be RM8000, up from the RM5500 previously (actually RM3500 due to the deduction for my contract). Booked plane tix to Melbourne 18-27 March. Finished the Love Letter batter and made about 30 pcs. Made them in the oven! Didn't think it would work but it did! Alp had a 180 degree turnabout and now hates her. O... k...

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