Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Epic Fail to Zzz

Alright, so after my post last night about getting to bed on track at 10 pm, I was glued on Ebay till midnight. Ebay addiction is something that strikes me every so often and I need to do something about it!!! Now that I sweat so much, I am really appreciating technical clothing that wicks and stretches and compresses and generally shows me off in all my hotness. :p . I recently scored a brand new, with tags, Zoot triathlon top and shorts combo for 99 cents, plus $6 to ship = $7. And let's not forget my beloved De Soto triathlon suit acquired for $10. I don't mind used goods, in fact I like recycling and reusing because it is more environmentally-friendly.

Anyway, I woke up at 4 am and couldn't get back to sleep. I kept thinking of making wontons, and how I would sell just wontons at the weekly farmer's market down the road in Natrona Heights. And how the word would spread about my amazing wontons that folks would queue up to buy them, throwing heaps of money at me for the exquisite pleasure of tasting those little meaty parcels. No need for fried rice, satay, lo mein, I would do just one thing and do it well. (Although I did all and did well before, it's just too much work!). And I would of course raise the price from 50 cents per wonton, to 75 cents. I'm sure people would still buy them. Everything's fresh, natural with no fillers and other crap. Plus they are handmade. Worth it. Eventually, Grace's Wontons would become so famous that I could start a franchise... ok now I'm dreaming. It's stuff like this that keeps me awake! Wouldn't it be awesome  though, to figure out a way to freeze and package them for sale to the masses...

I decided not to work today, since: 1) Not getting paid, 2) Have shopping and errands to do. Definitely will try to nap later... Got in a 1 hr nap then chatted with Spencer.

Afternoon was spent browsing at Jusco. I decided to put off buying the epilator and other stuff till tomorrow's Jusco Member's Day where purchases of RM100 and above get a RM10 voucher. Got a whole shopping list made up.

Tomorrow and Friday are probably going to be messy. Tomorrow: P90X workout, Jusco, Wisma OCM to pick up race kit, Bukit Jalil for Total Immersion swim class. Friday: HUKM for blood tests, then back to Kepong. Will P90X in the evening.

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