Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Cooking up a storm & Massages!

Fri, 3 Feb. Rushed around trying to get the surat sumpah signed. Eddie came over and got his massage plus bought a bunch of stuff. Cooked the sauce for the lasagna. Yoga.

Sat, 4 Feb. Shopped early at Jusco for parsley, chicken bones, etc. Eddie came over again. Baked the two choc sponge cake bases for the blackforest cake. Assembled the lasagna and baked them. Made the soup stock then the cream of mushroom soup. Elaine, Simon and the boys came over and I gave the parents massages while the boys played computer games. No workout.

Sun, 5 Feb. Went with Saimas to Dato Latif's son's wedding at FRIM. What a wonderful affair. The food was delicious. I'm going to miss FRIM and everyone so much. Prepped the pizza toppings, assembled the cake, then headed to Popo's. Awesome pizza party. Too much food though haha. Legs & Back + Ab.

Mon, 6 Feb. Picked up Siok Bee's wetsuit, then went to massage Alp, followed by Richard's place with more massages (David, Syerol, Richard). What a workout! No Yoga.

Tues, 7 Feb. Wetsuit swim at Templers with Nurina, Dayan, Darimi, Arif. Then back to my place to massage them :). Core Synergistics. I decided to just forget the two missed workouts (Yoga and Kenpo, from last week), and get back on track this 'Recovery week'.

Weds, 8 Feb. HUKM for Physiotherapy in the morn, then head cracking on Ohba's paper for the rest of the day. Raiha came over in the evening for P90X and to try on Bee's wetsuit. She fits! Did Kenpo.

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