Thursday, February 02, 2012

Sport Masseuse In Da House!

Monday, 30 Jan. First day of the massage course. Learnt legs and back. Pn Salina took over from her hubs after lunch. I also napped at lunch break. Tired la, didn't sleep well at all. Afterwards walked with Pui San at Bukit Jalil, met up with Rupert and dinner satay. Rabbit was very sour?! Had more eggs when I got back. Eating so many eggs!

Tuesday, 31 Jan. Second day of the massage course, did full body massage and think I'm doing okay. Pui San is the most ticklish massage subject ever. I can barely touch that gal! Directly after the course, followed Pui San to Mabel's house where she massaged Mabel and I massaged Mabel's son Matthew. I swear she only did 35 minutes of the 1 hr massage. After the massage, I had dinner with Alp, and shopped for cheese etc. Also picked up a bottle of grape seed oil to be my base massage oil.

Wednesday, 1 Feb. Got my offer letter from FRIM. It's RM6250. Not RM8000 :\ Ah well. Gave my 1 month notice to my landlord. I guess I'm moving out!

Thursday, 2 Feb. HUKM to get the cast of my feet for making insoles. Hope they work. At RM300, they had better work! Spent half the day at the post office waiting for my number to come up to buy a RM10 stamp. And found out I didn't even need to queue up for that. Haizz. Got a bunch of shopping done at Giant, for this Sunday's dinner. I think starters will be cream of mushroom soup with garlic bread, mains will be lasagna, pizza and Papa's fried chicken, sides will be garlic mashed potatoes, salad, fried rice. And dessert will be fruit and my black forest cake. Pizza toppings will be pineapple, chicken, ground beef, sundried tomato, tomato, roasted pepper, fresh pepper, onion, sausage, mushrooms, olives, shrimp, and lots of cheese.

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